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How to Make 2019 the Year of “You” (Without Being a Selfish Jerk)

We’re all so busy. We have work. We have our families. We have things to do. Lots of things. And when you stop and think about it… does any of this sound eerily familiar?

  • You say “yes” to every work project or social function, even though you could use a quiet night in… to reset.
  • You rush through at least one meal a day either standing, in your car, or at your desk. You like enjoying your food, but who has the time?
  • You feel like your family’s concierge… you cater to their every request. You help with transportation, meals, and everything in between.

You’re amazing. But here’s the problem:

When you spread yourself too thin, you almost always put yourself last. Your children need you. Your work. Your friends. All of these people need you…


What about what YOU need?

Hi, I’m Self Care Chris.

It’s 2019, and self-care is one of the most important things you can focus on to live a happier and healthier life.

(Some people take it a little too far. The University of British Columbia conducted a study where they discovered that wearing your significant other’s shirt could help you feel less stressed. And now, my girlfriend stole all my shirts).

And that’s where I come in.

I’m the little guy on your shoulder who lets you know that “Yes! You DESERVE to take care of yourself.”

You need to hear this. Do you know why?

Because there’s another little guy on your other shoulder… he makes you believe: “I’m okay. I can do it. I’ll take care of myself *later* – I don’t want to be selfish!”

But I can help. Because…

Self-Care Is Not Selfish… Self-Care Is Sacred

Self-Care Is Not Selfish.

Self-Care Is Sacred.

And you DESERVE to put yourself first.

Not all the time. But some of the time…

Your family, your friends, the people you love – you want to be there for them. But the truth is: When the plane goes down, you have to put YOUR oxygen mask on first.

Now… I know what you’re thinking! There are probably about one thousand things on your To Do list that remain very much undone. You have a crazed work schedule. Or a newborn. Or both. Your plate is about as full as it could be…

Yet, I’m here to tell you:

You don’t need to do more. It’s okay – let your husband (or your boyfriend, or your kids, or your roommates) do the dishes. You need to do something for YOU.

I learned this lesson the hard way but… When you always put yourself last, you’re not doing the people in your life any favors. Not in the long-run, anyway. Instead, you’re just setting yourself up to experience unnecessary stress.

And all that stress takes a serious toll on just about every aspect of your life:

It leads to exhaustion.

And health issues.

And frustration.

That’s why self-care is sacred. That’s why taking care of yourself comes FIRST.


I believe there are THREE pillars of self-care…

The 3 Pillars of Self-Care

Here are the three pillars of self-care. Neglect one and the “Temple of You” comes crashing down…

Self-Care Pillar #1: Take Care of Your Body

First, you deserve to take care of your body and make sure it’s as healthy as it can be. You never want to play “catch up” with your health. So, #1 you deserve to nourish your body with clean foods and supplements that give you the energy you need.

There are countless studies to prove it. Or as the World Health Organization notes, “Healthy diets and physical activity are key to good nutrition and necessary for a long and healthy life.”

Self-Care Pillar #2: Take Care of Your Mind

Taking care of our “mental” health sounds… scary… because… “HEY, I AM NOT CRAZY!!” No, but your mind is under constant stimulation. Many leading psychologists have identified this problem of “info-mania.” You’re thinking, deciding, messaging. All. The. Time.

When your mind is well-rested, you’re sharper. You’re more creative. You remember people’s names – for more than 5 seconds! The point is: Your brain also deserves a break.

Self-Care Pillar #3: Take Care of Your Emotions

Finally – and maybe most importantly – you deserve to FEEL GOOD. Seriously. Research (from the University of Pennsylvania) suggests that positive emotions can help make life longer and healthier.

So, you deserve to feel confident. You deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin. You deserve to treat yourself with the same compassion and positive energy you give to others.

So Where Do You Begin?

Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is sacred. And these are the three pillars.

#1: Take Care Of Your Body
#2: Take Care Of Your Mind
#3: Take Care Of Your Emotions

But where do you begin?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. But maybe in a different way than you’d expect…

Making yourself a priority is not an “all or nothing” undertaking. Yet, that’s what some people want you to believe… and then they quickly go on to give you 57 new self-care habits…

“Sure, I’ll just turn my life upside down.” 🙄 Like you don’t have enough on your plate already!

No, no, no.

Stop falling for these radical “lifestyle change” resolutions. Stop kidding yourself it’s even possible. Stop telling yourself that you’re supposed to do more, more, more…

Instead, I want to suggest ONE easy self-care ritual that fits into your busy life.

It can be anything. Maybe it’s as simple as getting a manicure once a week. Or waking up a little bit earlier each day to meditate.

…but there’s also one more thing you can do.

And, the best part? It supports ALL THREE pillars of self-care:

#1 – It nourishes your body (by supporting the health of your skin, hair, nails, bones, and more).

#2 – It’s NOT another “to do” that puts more stress on your brain or requires you to carve out extra time (bonus: it promotes restful sleep)

#3 – It helps you look and FEEL ah-mazing! 🙌

And remember… YOU DESERVE IT.

Because self-care is not selfish.

Self-care is sacred.

I will share more on Monday. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure you click the button below – and I’ll keep you posted (oh, and there’s a free gift 😉

Yes, Please Keep Me Posted

And of course, if you know someone who needs to focus on self care this year…

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  • Michele Fox says:

    Love this post…”Self Care Chris” is genius (and pretty hot too…lol). I definitely appreciate this in the health space, and is a concept I can share with people I’m helping take care of their personal finance health. Thanks for creating this!

  • Lois Porcelli says:

    Thanks sounds great !

  • So Cal patriot says:

    Self-care Chris does not appeal to me as a marketing tool. I would opt out of hearing further from him unless he puts on more clothing.

    * Response from Truvani*

    Hi, Derek here.

    I run the marketing at Truvani. I wanted to clarify a little bit for everyone to help you see where we were coming from.

    Truvani focuses on creating some of the best products with the best ingredients available. It’s what makes us unique. It’s what makes our products taste amazing.

    And you know what?


    Clean ingredients. Transparent labeling. And of course, leading with high quality products.

    As we continue to grow as a company, we noticed that we had an issue – we were not reaching the younger generation. They just didn’t care about clean ingredients as much as I would have hoped.

    I’m 34. I care. And I’ve cared for about 8 years. It’s one of the reasons why I was happy to work with Vani on this project at Truvani. But many other people in the younger generation – between ages 22 and 30… just didn’t care.

    It was frustrating, too. Why don’t younger people care about their health?

    When I thought about it, I guess I understood… when I was in my early 20s, I felt like I was invincible. I didn’t even know the difference between “natural” and “USDA organic.” It wasn’t until I had a personal health issue that opened my eyes to eating and living better.

    So, I was faced with an issue…

    Here at Truvani we care about clean ingredients. I know people need this in their life. How can I get their attention? Before it’s too late?

    So, I took a risk with a fun and cheeky campaign with the main goal of reaching the younger generation – ages 22-30 – on Instagram / Snapchat.

    It was definitely a risk. Some people loved it. Some people hated it. But it was done with the best intentions: get more people to care about clean ingredients… and of course… SELF CARE… and health.

    I hope this adds more clarity about why we did it, and believe me – we heard the feedback. Thank you for being so up front with us. I appreciate it!

    • Amy says:

      Hi. At first I wasn’t quite sure what you were promoting. I wasn’t sure until I read your copy. I get why people might react negatively yet I can see that the images are really of a person catering to the reader. Breakfast in bed cocktails by the pool …someone to spoil you. It is also the reader catering to everyone else in her/his life.
      It’s funny the focus on the model. He’s as beautiful as the surroundings. It’s in keeping with the elegance and richness portrayed. Would the crticis among us prefer an unhealthy heavy set person in cargo shorts and a too small polo and earth shoes? In a setting of trash and graffiti?
      Keep having fun. Good living can be fun and glamorous and there isn’t much that is sexier than a healthy confident fun person.

  • Carolyn says:

    Love this post

  • Sue says:

    Agree! He is hot.

  • Sonia says:

    I’ve fallen into the mindset that taking care of myself before others is somewhat selfish, so I especially appreciate Self Care Chris reminding me that self-care is sacred and I deserve to put myself first. Thanks Chris! I look forward to reading more of your tips on Monday.

  • MH Freeman says:

    I think many people will like this approach and I certainly am not a promotion expert. It does not apeal to me. I have never been attracted to this type of sexualized approach. For me, healthy and realistic individuals catch my attention. Not gimmicky guys like this, particularly when they are undressed while preparing food. Ick. Not sure what word I would use to describe its impact. Maybe condescending? A bit offensive – even though I appreciate a good looking guy. Immature? It’s just not the professional representation I have come to expect from Truvani and Food Babe. I was introduced to Food Babe by a man and have known many male followers, but I cannot imagine this appealing to them. It seems targeted to flighty young girls. It seems to detract from Truvani goals and the validity of the mission. But those are just my opinions. Good luck with your campaign!

  • Jo says:

    Turn off!!!

  • MH Freeman says:

    I agree, Sonia, and sent that feedback a few minutes ago.

  • Monica says:

    Not a fan at all of your new marketing ploy.

  • MH Freeman says:

    Oops….. I erred in addressing a reply to Sonia. My previous comment was meant in support of the comment by Kevin Decoteau which seems to validate part of my opinion. Actually, I would be just as offended by a female presented this way and I believe males (truly interested in health and food system issues) following Truvani could feel the same way. It’s just not why we come here. Again, just my opinion, but I will not be sharing anything that looks like this. Thanks for listening and considering.

  • Janet says:

    I agree with So Cal & Kevin: the model may be hot, but completely unnecessary. This is the extreme opposite of using babes with boobs hanging out to advertise everything to men. I didn’t even bother reading any of this pillar post because of it. Vani: if you have to use sex to market your stuff, you’ve now lost me.

  • Beans says:

    WOW!! I can see that women love this pairing but men find him ‘offensive’ lol Im happy with some eye candy who likes to take care of himself :). lol

  • janice davies says:

    Love this. Where can I get one of these guys to take care of me?

  • Debbie Kane Girl Of Peace says:

    I too believe in self care. However, I usually don’t subscribe to ads that try to gain attention with the “sex” selling platform. Whether it contains images of women or men. Love the message… just don’t think you need the “sexy” images to sell that message.

  • John W King says:

    I think it sounds good! But I do feel like it’s targeting the Women? I think he needs a Chisty by his side for the Men? That’s just my opinion?

  • Amanda Tracee says:

    I LOVE self-care Chris! As a young woman he definitely grabbed my attention… but WHAT GREAT content and ideas. 2019 is my year for self care, for sure!

  • Alex says:

    Love this post! Cant wait for more! Thank you Chris!

  • Cathy says:

    I’m a female and I don’t care for self care Chris’s outfits.

  • Ilene Dover says:

    These are the best pictures I’m going to see on the world wide internets today, guaranteed.

    Great message. Your world will be in complete disarray if you don’t put yourself first. Worlds will collide.

    That dude Chris is alright. Good trainer, too. Also not bad to look at.

  • Merry says:

    I’m all for self care, I really don’t do it much, and the ad has me somewhat intrigued. I’m not offended by Chris, except by the fact that he has my eldest son’s name! The only thing that has kept me from trying Vani’s products is the cost. I applaud her for what she is doing, though!

  • Lee says:

    Maybe a kind of cute idea BUT I thought that you Vani, are the best example of your research and dedication to better self-care. Ultimately you are your company and still its best representative.

  • Dylan D says:

    Best, and simplist, advice ever!

  • Anna says:

    I like the advice of looking after self, not neglecting self, and I even like the idea of a little “Self Care Chris” sitting on your shoulder, but I really don’t like the way this model has been portrayed. I agree with MH Freeman and others above. It really turns me off.

    I know it’s probably just for fun, but it makes me want to opt out.

    Reminds me of a cheesy, embarrassing romance novel cover. Not so professional.

    Have a look at Ari Witten, he is one built man, if anyone could stand there with his shirt off, it would be him, but in his presentations, he remains clothed and also clothed in dignity and respect for himself and his viewers. So he wins my respect and I listen to his health advice.

    Good on you Vani and team for all you are doing, I really appreciate all your work! (just not the photos in this ad campaign).

  • Antone Rosas says:

    This was a fun and sexy post without being too over the top. No harm in that, people that were offended seriously need to read the message and not just look at the pictures.

  • Theresa says:

    Love this!!! No shame on using a handsome sexy man! Absolutely not offensive at all! Great job!”!”

  • Deb says:

    I have read the whole message in your new marketing campaign. The written message itself is a very good one and one I believe in, but I am truly put off by the pictorial message “Chris” is sending: “You MUST buy this because I am so attractive, young and sexy. If you buy this, you will be attractive and sexy, too!” Why bring sex into your marketing? I thought you were all about promoting better health for everyone. I always assumed you were targeting those people who wanted to learn to eat clean, wholesome food and to live the healthiest life possible.
    These questions are asked respectfully:
    (1) What demographic are you targeting in your business? Who do you really want to reach with your blogs and products and marketing campaigns?
    (2) Did you test the “Chris” campaign on all ages and genders before sending it out into the world?
    Thank you for reading my opinion. Bottom line: if your marketing continues in this vein, you will lose me.
    P.S. Just a thought: did you post this Chris campaign just to see if your readers and customers were really paying attention? Did you want to “stir the pot”, so to speak, and to gauge our reactions?

  • Aimee Arnold says:

    Yeah, you nailed it, Self Care Chris #damn you.

    Everyone (work, family, kids) comes before me — I’m always putting myself least, and I know it. It really feels blowie to know that you are smart and talented and giving and kind….yet still you put self care till “tomorrow”.

    So, Okay, I’m in. I signed up to see what you got for me, Self-Care Chris. #letsdothis

    AND….I’ll I am willing to share here (for accountability) ONE easy self-care ritual that I am willing to commit to fitting into my busy life. Here she is: I am going to get back on a regular brow wax schedule, not waiting till my eyebrows are like caterpillars to book a very overdue appt 🙂 Made an appt for this Sat and will schedule recurrings thereafter.

  • Londa Leigh says:

    I think all the naysayers are missing the point. Chris is just there to get your attention…a light-hearted approach. A bit silly yes…but we were warned it was a “cheeky approach” before being introduced. Chris makes me shake my head and grin…silly…nothing more. The message being made, and the instruction being taught, about taking care of yourself first, is oh so important…get past Chris…and you may learn something. If not, then this blog is not for you to begin with. By the way, Vani does hear and does listen to her followers. If there is a majority that finds a method to her approach to a topic offensive, she will take note and change it. I trust her. This Blog covers a topic that most of us who put others first before our own well-being need to work on to be healthier and happier in our daily lives. I know I will learn something from reading it. Thank you Vani.

  • Charles says:

    It takes a lot of courage to try something new like this to stand out from the crowd. As always, we can’t please everyone.

    And it’s interesting how different people view this differently.

    Some love it.

    Others hate it.

    For me, I simply took it in the same vein Derek intended — it’s just some plain cheeky fun and humor. In true Derek’s style.

    But I’m sure Derek and Vani will glean a lot of insights from this campaign.

    No matter what people think, the results from of this campaign will ultimately go back into serving Truvani’s audience. Why wouldn’t they? Truvani is their precious baby.

    Relax, and let Truvani evolve. It’s all part of learning and growing. If they never tried, they’ll never know.

  • Shelly says:

    This is great! I totally get the humor they were going for in this post. I chuckled at every pic. Yes I agree with the self care effort and I don’t mind the humor at all.

  • Dawna says:

    “Self Care Chris” has got to go!!! The written message is good, from a marketing perspective. However, the images are offensive, ridiculous and detract from the message in a major way. Whoever talked you into doing this should be fired & forced to walk around half naked carrying a silver platter filled with your products. Really, Vani? My respect level for you just took a tumble! 🙁

  • erin says:

    Love the advice but not the platform. Kind of cheesy and not a fan of “sex” sells.

  • Joyce says:

    Great marketing! Look how much attention you’ve garnered!! We see so many beautiful sexy women selling everything from law of attraction based businesses to socks, everyday, without comment. Here’s a sexy guy and look at this back lash! Too funny.

  • Karen says:

    Funny! Read way more than normal about self care because of it! Because reading about self care, after another day of catering to everybody else, can just be another impossible chore. Knowing you were doing it to be funny made me laugh and de-stress a bit. Happy, fun, and healthy is just how I envision you.

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