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7 Simple Mental Exercises To Keep Your Brain Young & Healthy

7 Simple Mental Exercises To Keep Your Brain Young & Healthy

There was probably once a time when you were bright-eyed and spritely, able to easily remember why you walked into a room or where you put your car keys on any given day.

And, then you had kids…

The well-documented phenomenon of “mom brain” is all-too-familiar for anyone currently raising small humans.

You search frantically for your sunglasses, only to find them on your head.

You can’t remember login info and passwords you’ve been using for years.

Your brain basically feels like it’s temporarily out of service every now and then.

…and it sucks.

Ready to fight back against that foggy forgetfulness?

But there’s good news!

Whether you’re a mom or just an aging adult human who hasn’t figured out the whole fountain of youth thing just yet…you can fight back against that foggy forgetfulness that we all experience.

Because the same way your body looks and feels better when you stick to a nourishing diet and work out regularly, your brain can also benefit from healthy habits.

In fact, it should really have its own exercise routine…

So many of us squeeze workouts into our busy schedules, buy organic foods, etc, but fail to recognize how brain health ties into the bigger picture of wellness.

It all comes back to the idea of “use it or lose it.”

If you stop going to the gym…your muscles won’t be as toned.

If you stop challenging and stimulating your brain…your mind won’t be as sharp.

The good news is, if you’re dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, your brain is already benefiting from all that exercises and clean food.


But there’s even more you can be doing to show it some love…

It’s never too late (or too early, for that matter) to start being as dedicated to your cognitive health as you are to your physical wellbeing.


So we’ve gathered a few simple ways you can maintain a healthy, thriving noggin:


Brush your Teeth with the Opposite Hand








It’ll feel funny, and be a little difficult…but that’s exactly the point! Because your brain is at its best not when it’s just going through the motions, but when it’s forced to pay attention and figure out solutions to the unexpected.


Commit to Cooking

Blonde Woman Cooking For Brain Health With Husband














This can be as complicated channeling your inner Julia Child, or (and perhaps more realistically…) as simple as just fighting the urge to order takeout, and whipping up something simple.

Cooking involves smell, touch, sight, and taste, which all stimulate and strengthen different parts of the brain.


Ban Boredom

Close up of stylish woman playing modern chess board

Your brain is hardwired to discover.

So instead of passive activities like mindlessly scrolling through social media or sitting in front of the TV for hours, spend your free time practicing new skills that require effort and concentration. Think: learning to code; playing a strategic game like chess; reading a book or article on a topic you’re totally unfamiliar with; learning a foreign language.


Make it Memorable

Relaxed, happy young woman with short dark hair looks off into the distance while smiling slightly

Memory is one of the main cognitive functions your brain is responsible for, and thankfully there are plenty of ways to keep it sharp. Challenge yourself to hand-draw a map of your neighborhood, daily commute, or any other area you frequent…and make it as detailed as possible. Then, see how your recollection stacks up against the real route. Apply this same exercise each time you leave a room. Make it a point to remember 3-5 items and then recall them a few minutes later. Not as easy as it sounds!


Use your Voice

Cheerful, confident woman with dark hair, glasses, and headphones, smiles while holding a coffee and wearing a yellow shirt

Repeating things out loud just after you learn them (a new aquaintence’s name, a confirmation number, etc.) helps your brain retain the information so it can easily retrieve it later. Similarly, listening to an audiobook while following along on a text version at the same time can help improve reading skills language comprehension.


Supplement your Efforts

Your brain uses more energy than any other organ in your body…which means it’s constantly trying to soak up every last nutrient it can to remain active and healthy. Give it more to work with by adding brain-friendly health supplements to your diet. Vitamin B and Turmeric are all a great place to start.


Get Hands-on

Pottery can help keep your mind sharp

Any activity that activates your fine-motor skills (AKA the coordination of small movements with your hands) promotes brain development. Think: knitting, pottery, completing a puzzle, practicing juggling, untangling a knotted necklace chain. These tasks help keep your brain at its best by improving hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, focus, and creativity.


Remember: your brain is the gatekeeper to all your goals…so the better shape you’re in mentally, the better shot you have at succeeding and operating at your best in all areas of your life.


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