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Say No to “Natural Flavors”: Why Truvani’s Marine Collagen is Different

When we see foods and supplements at the store or online labeled “all natural,” it can be easy to feel confident about the product’s quality, since that common phrase is often associated with healthy diet choices.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only thing that “all natural” label really represents…is a false sense of security.

It turns out looks really can be deceiving, especially when it comes to what’s being sold to us.

If you’ve ever tried collagen supplements in the past, you might have come across some that included “natural flavor.” Maybe it was strawberry flavored. Or vanilla. Or, beaver butt….


It’s gross, but it’s true. Castoreum (AKA beaver anal gland secretions…yum) is one example of a “natural flavor” approved by the FDA, and it can be found in lots of fruit or vanilla-flavored items.

But castoreum is just one of many. “Natural flavor” is essentially a catch-all term for processed flavors sourced from plants or animals (…any part of the animal).

We’ll actually never know the specific details of a lot of these flavors. Why? Because food companies often (very conveniently) classify them as proprietary.

What this means is that these companies are essentially given a free-for-all, and (plot twist…) they milk it for everything it’s worth.

“Natural flavors” can legally contain bi-products like MSG, for example – which are known excitotoxins. Excitotoxins are chemicals that contribute to your taste buds experiencing irresistibility toward certain foods. It’s part of why you usually can’t eat just a single potato chip. Or why you find yourself intensely craving certain snacks.

It’s all by deceptive design.

The good news is you don’t have to just accept (or continue consuming) these gag-worthy additives.

You do have the power to educate yourself and seek out foods/supplements that are made with pure, transparent ingredients.

We know what you must be thinking:

“Easier said than done.”

“Who has time for that!?”

Hopefully, we can help…

When we set out to create Truvani’s Wild Caught Marine Collagen powder, we knew it couldn’t contain any misleading “natural” flavors.

Because we didn’t want to dupe anyone into using our product…we truly wanted to develop a collagen powder that could be added to your existing routine – and help set you up for consistent, long-term success.

That’s why Truvani’s Marine Collagen is very intentionally unflavored.

That means you can conveniently mix it into your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, juice…just about anything…and you’ll notice virtually no difference in taste or texture.

How easy is that?

So if you’re interested in the vibrancy-boosting benefits of Marine Collagen (without any of the questionable ingredients) try our unique formula here:

Learn more about Truvani’s Wild-Caught Marine Collagen

…and say bye-bye to beaver butts once and for all!


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  • James Dishman says:

    Thanks to Food Babe, i now avoid natural flavorings. But it seems recently that there are variations showing up. “Flavorings” without the”natural”, and “Organic natural flavorings” are two i have seen in the past week. I am highly suspicious that these are simply a name change to mislead. But it strikes me that perhaps an article from Vani addtessing this trend would be off interest to the Food Babe Army.

  • LisaBeth says:

    Hi Vani….
    Loved your April Fool’s Unicorn Collogen…haha!
    Great info here on “natural flavors”!
    I use Smoothiebox bovine Collogen and I use Youth theory hydrologized collogen in pill form. I feel confident in Smoothiebox as I am also a Butcherbox member and I know you work with these companies. I actually messaged awhile back about the Butcherbox bonus discount with my preordered books Feeding You Lies. Since I’m already a a member I was wondering how I get the discount? Also, I would be interested in what your choice vitamins/supplements you give your toddler. I have a three year old daughter and I work hard to keep her clean/organic and healthy. Thank you!

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