Truvani: Now Available in Sprouts Farmers Market

I’ve never seen the team so excited…

My name is Stevi, and I’ve been on the Truvani team for two years now.

From the day I started at the company, it’s been a dream of Truvani’s to end up in Sprouts. 

And over the past few years, we kept trying with no luck.

The team doesn’t blame Sprouts. We were just a small company and there’s no telling how it would do in big retail stores across the United States. 

We just knew this was just a chance to rise to a challenge and prove it to them.

After all, we’re no stranger to rising to a challenge…

Truvani has had 3 big challenges in our history. 

Challenge #1: We set out to create a plant-based protein powder without weird unnecessary ingredients.

The “experts” said it was impossible. They said we had to use flow agents to make the product run through machines efficiently. They said we had to use natural flavors to make the products taste better. They said making it with simple ingredients just wouldn’t work.

Then we did it. We made a delicious plant-based protein powder with simple ingredients. And not just one. MANY. 

Challenge #2: We were told that even with a great product, the plant-based protein powder market was too saturated… and that it’d be too hard to make our way. 

But there were people like you out there. The ones that care about products with quality ingredients. The ones who not only shop online, but also support your local healthy markets and sought out Truvani there.

Then we did it. We became the fastest growing plant-based protein powder in all of natural retail.

Challenge #3: We were told that a large retailer like Sprouts would never take a chance on a smaller, new protein powder brand in the market.

But because of your support, we were able to show that people care about products with ingredients you can trust. Retailer by retailer, we were able to build our reputation on shelves. 

And finally… we did it. Sprouts saw this success, and two years later… They took a chance on Truvani.

And all of this, every challenge we had to rise to, was made possible by you. 

Your support helped us every step of the way. 

Today, Truvani is the fastest growing plant-based protein powder in natural retail. 

But here’s the thing…. We didn’t want to stop there. 

Just like we go all in with our ingredients, we go all-in with our retailers. 

We didn’t just want to be on shelves. We wanted to be in-store, interacting with customers, sharing our love for both Truvani and Sprouts. 

And when I say “we,” I don’t just mean our products. 

I mean our literal Truvani employees coming in-store to be with real customers (myself included).

We created Truvani Pop-Up Smoothie Shops in various Sprouts locations nationwide

And it was better than we even imagined.

Of course, we loved sharing our passion for ingredients, but it was amazing to meet real Truvani die-hards in the flesh… and convert some new ones.

My boss Melanie and I had the opportunity to run one at Sprouts in Costa Mesa, California.

You may think “Yep, just another blah grocery store demo…” I can assure you it was anything but.

Sprouts holds their products and samples to a high level, and we knew we had to meet them there.

So we asked ourselves again… “How can we make this different?”

We know the best way to try our products is to have them as if you were in your own kitchen.

So we brought the kitchen to Sprouts, so customers could try our Plant-Based Protein Powder in our specially curated Signature Strawberry Smoothie.

Plus, they could walk away with a custom recipe card to recreate it at home.

The buyer at Sprouts in Costa Mesa, Martin, was blown away by our display…

Almost as much as customers were blown away by our product.

“There’s protein powder in this?”

“This tastes like dessert!”

“I’ve never liked protein before, but wow… I love this”

Those were just a few of the comments we heard in person, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. 

Because of you, we’re now able to make products with ingredients that you can trust easily accessible at Sprouts locations nationwide.

Click here to find a Sprouts Farmers Market near you to try Truvani.


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