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Try This Trick To Kick Sugar Cravings for Good

Truvani protein ice cream

It’s 4:00 pm. It’s been a demanding day. Suddenly, you can’t stop thinking about food…

Cookies. Chocolate. Potato chips.

You know you shouldn’t… especially because you’re trying to make good food choices.

But sometimes you can’t resist:

“I’ll just have one.”

“Okay, maybe I’ll have one more.”

As you start snacking, it’s immediate RELIEF!

…but a few minutes later, reality sets in:

“I shouldn’t have done that. I feel awful!”

Alright. Let’s be honest. We ALL get food cravings sometimes. And once they kick in it can feel nearly impossible to ignore.

Giving in can sabotage your health goals. And once you satisfy the urge you often feel defeated.

But guess what…

You aren’t a bad person. And you most definitely aren’t alone. And you didn’t screw up anything.

The need to feed isn’t a lack of willpower.

It isn’t just high stress.

It isn’t just genetics.

…It’s in the science.

And it’s easy to make adjustments so this intense desire to snack on unhealthy foods is diminished.

But first, let’s talk about why it happens.

Sugar cravings are mostly in your head

Sounds ridiculous, right? But we all remember our first encounter with junk food. And so does our brain. In fact, the brain remembers every morsel so well that it made a BIG, habit-forming impression.

It went something like this.

You got hungry. You ate a piece of sugary junk food. Your brain felt that sugar and raised your feel-good hormone levels.

Eventually, if you do this enough junk food enters your habit loop.

Coined by Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit, the habit loop happens in a cycle of cues, cravings, responses, and rewards.

Your cue? Maybe an afternoon crash.

Craving? Anything junky to feed your hungry brain.

Response? “I’ll take a 600 calorie chocolate muffin with a side of remorse, please.”

Reward? A shot of feel-good hormones that last only a hot minute.

You can see why this endless cycle keeps happening.

And researchers have found that when you eat more protein you have fewer cravings

One study found that eating a healthy breakfast high in protein increases fullness and reduces hunger throughout the day.

The study also found that eating a protein-rich breakfast reduces signals sent from your brain that control food motivation and reward-driven eating behavior.

That’s pretty fantastic!

Though it’s easy to skip breakfast or just grab a bagel before you rush about your day, eating a protein-rich meal in the morning will help reduce snacking and bad food cravings later in the day.

So what if you don’t have the time or motivation to prepare a healthy breakfast each morning?

Here’s what you can do instead

Powdered protein is a great way to fit protein into your morning routine without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

You can blend a nutrient-packed smoothie loaded with fruits and vegetables. Or simply mix a scoop of your favorite protein powder with water or coconut milk.

You see, at Truvani, we created a remarkable Plant-Based Protein Powder.

Our ingredient label is the one where we cut all of the unnecessary additives…

…and people are loving it. You can explore why with this video:

It comes in two flavors: Chocolate or Vanilla.

And the one thing that sets us apart?

We use some of the best ingredients available… and we cut out all those useless additives.

So, instead of raiding your fridge late at night, you can Try Truvani Plant-Based Protein Powder in the morning to keep cravings at bay all day long.

That way when you finish a long workday you aren’t ready to crash. This means you won’t reach for the box of cookies and you’ll feel more motivated to grab a healthy meal for dinner.

[Testimonial of the girl mentioning she doesn’t want to raid vending machine anymore].

It’s a healthy option. And it helps you curb your cravings.

The Benefits Of Truvani Protein

The convenience of a protein powder (which blends into pretty much anything) is the perfect solution to increase your daily protein intake without adding loads of extra calories.

We like to call our protein good fast food.

A single serving of Truvani Chocolate or Vanilla Protein provides 20 grams of your daily recommended protein!

The Power of Protein At a Glance

💞Skin, nails, and hair a-glow
👌See ya! cravings, crashes, and brain fog
👍 Hello happier, healthier body!
💪Bring on stronger bones, muscles, and joints
💆 Namaste calm and happy, thanks!

Plus you don’t have to worry about preparing a meal. Truvani protein powder mixes with water or can be blended with your favorite smoothie ingredients.

Add a scoop to your morning oats to keep you full until lunch, or whip it into a scrumptious chia pudding for a healthy evening treat.

We have customers who make protein bites, vegan ice cream, pancakes, and dozens of other healthy, nutrient-packed recipes.

Plus our protein is silky smooth and tastes like a cozy little retreat from your busy day.

The Truvani Way

At Truvani, we don’t cut corners ever. Take a look at our protein label compared to one of our competitors:

When researching ingredients, we wondered WHY companies added all this other stuff since they don’t offer value to your diet?

It was all fluff and fillers. Some ingredients were even dangerous.

We set out to create a protein blend using as few ingredients as possible. No unnecessary additives. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives.

We simply use real food with only six ingredients.

Above all, our ingredients had to pass the strict heavy metals testing for California’s Prop 65.

It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

Not only does our protein blend use the purest foods, but it also tastes amazing and blends well… even using only water.

No chalky taste. No grainy texture.

And right now we want you to try our Plant-Based Protein in chocolate or vanilla for 50% off your first order. We will also include a reusable glass straw in your shipment, and send you 3 of our best protein recipe guides in your email.

Click here to learn more.


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