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Introducing: Wild-Caught Unicorn Collagen!

It’s Organic…

It’s All Natural…

April Fools prank product unicorn collagen


Sorry to disappoint you…but we couldn’t resist!

Truvani Unicorn Collagen might not be real, but our commitment to ingredient transparency and quality control most certainly is.

Many of our competitors try to fool you every. single. day. into thinking their products are healthy.

How? By hiding behind deceptive packaging and “Natural” flavors.

Flavors like, beaver butt…

That’s right, folks.

Castoreum (AKA beaver anal gland secretions…) is just one example of a “natural flavor” that’s approved by the FDA.

Here at Truvani, we limit ourselves to tricking customers only one day a year (…did we mention our Wild-Caught Unicorn Collagen is also Non-GMO?! 😆).

We simply hold ourselves and all of our (non-fictional) products, to a higher standard…

So unlike some of our competitors, who want you to believe that their “naturally-flavored” vanilla collagen or protein powder is made using pure, honest ingredients…our products actually are.

Learning the truth about so-called “Natural” flavors was a huge wake-up call for us, and part of the reason we knew we had to start Truvani, so that supplement shoppers like you could have access to something better.

What was your health-related “aha” moment? Maybe it was a startling statistic that hit a little too close to home. Or a brand of food that you had assumed to be healthy, only to learn it was loaded with well-disguised additives.

Share your answers with us below!

It can be shocking at first, but educating yourself really is the first step in becoming a more informed consumer.

And after all, you’re no fool…


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