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I want to prove them wrong… and I need your help

When I first learned about clean ingredients, I found myself disgusted with normal grocery stores.

Every aisle was filled with stuff I would never eat. There would be one small aisle with the good stuff and 19 aisles with the “other” stuff.

So disappointing.

However, nowadays times have changed. Some stores know better. They know that people want products from companies that care about their ingredients…

…and that’s why I need your help.

You see, Truvani started out as a small internet-based company, and things have grown quickly.

It’s all so surreal. I never set out to create my own product line, but I had to do it. Big companies weren’t creating products I could trust and I was tired of it.

But with your help, Truvani has grown. And that’s why I’m happy to announce…

We are now available in our first retail chain.

It’s called Erewhon. And Erewhon gets it.

Erewhon Storefront

They have 5 locations in the Los Angeles, California area. And the store is amazing. If I were to develop a grocery store and curate it, Erewhon would be that store. Shopping there is like finding the best most healthful brands of food on the planet.

Now, our goal is to sell out of Truvani products at each of these stores before the end of the weekend.


It will send a message that Truvani deserves a spot on store shelves because PEOPLE CARE ABOUT INGREDIENTS.

It will help me prove them wrong, too.

Believe it or not, some retailers have declined to put Truvani products on shelves. Even though they didn’t give us a specific reason, I believe it’s because they thought a small internet company couldn’t get people to visit a retail store. I want to prove them wrong.

But I need your help…

1. If you live in the LA area, visit Erewhon and buy a Truvani product. They have 4 products in stock (Chocolate Protein, Vanilla Protein, Under The Weather, and Vitamin D).

Here are the 5 locations

If we sell out before the end of the weekend, this will send a message to retailers everywhere. We might be small, but the demand for cleaner products is REAL. And we want stores everywhere to flip the script. 19 great aisles. 1 bad aisle.

2. If you live outside the LA area, leave a comment telling us your favorite store to shop at and where it is, and we will see if we can get in the store.

Just fill out this form

If you know someone who lives in LA, letting them know about this goal could be a great help, too. That would be a huge help, too.

So, can I count on you for support?