Now Available in The Vitamin Shoppe

We created Truvani with a mission to make products with ingredients that you can trust.

Why? Because we noticed a gap in the food and health industry…

“Healthy” products were still lying on front labels, with ingredients you can’t even pronounce on the back.

So we knew it was time to take charge.

It started with one single product that we sold online: our Organic Turmeric Curcumin tablets.

With your support, we were able to expand Truvani from one supplement into 26+ product offerings with the cleanest ingredients on the market.

And because of your continued support, we’re able to sell both online and in-store.

You may have seen us in one of our beloved wellness shops here and there, but now…

Truvani is now available at The Vitamin Shoppe nationwide.

This is one more step – a huge step – closer to our mission.

We believe that products with clean ingredients should be made widely available…

…and now, they are in our first national chain.

With your continued support, we can provide more products with ingredients that you can trust and take up more shelf space.

Let us know on social when you see us on shelves in The Vitamin Shoppe and post with #Truvani!

See my first time seeing us on shelves here!

To find The Vitamin Shoppe near you, click here. 

Happy Shopping!


Vani + Truvani Team