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Simple Ways to Summer-Proof Your Skin: Everything you need to know to make smart sun choices for you and your family

Simple Ways to Summer-Proof Your Skin: Everything you need to know to make smart sun choices for you and your family

Neglecting your skin in the sun can lead to some serious consequences…


Sun spots.

Skin cancer.

One super simple way to protect vulnerable skin?

Wear SPF every single day.

Yes, even on rainy days. (and overcast days…and snowy days…and everything in between…)

The majority of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds and fog, so your skin is still exposed regardless of the weather.

While keeping your skin shielded should be a year-round commitment, with warmer days just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to study up on sun safety.

Here are a few of our favorite tried and true ways to protect your skin this summer:

1. (Re) Apply Yourself

Blonde woman applying sunscreen

Slapping on SPF before heading to the beach just ain’t gonna cut it.

Aim to apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) about 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, and then again every 2 hours after that, plus right after swimming and sweating.

Worried you’ll be too busy sipping tropical cocktails (…or more realistically, chasing after sandy children) to remember to re-apply? Set a few alarms on your phone to remind you throughout the day.


2. Seek Shade

Woman wearing wide-brimmed hat on beach

UV rays are strongest between 10am and 3pm, so it’s best to limit exposure during those times. Not always realistic, we know…So if you do find yourself outdoors when the sun is at its hottest, try your best to take cover. Large umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats, sun-shielding clothes, and polarized sunglasses will all provide extra protection.

3. Stay Selective

Shopping for sunscreen can get overwhelming. There are tons of brands to choose from, including lots of supposedly “clean” options that are actually anything but. Use this ingredient cheat-sheet to simplify the process.

4. Drink Up

Reusable water bottle on beach

It’s no secret that water is generally good (like…really, really good) for your skin. But staying hydrated is especially beneficial during warm weather, because it reduces your risk of feeling worn out by the hot summer sun. Avoid overspending on disposable drinks by bringing a large reusable water bottle with you to the beach or pool, and refilling it often.


5. Be Thorough

It’s not just your arms and legs that are susceptible to sun damage. Make sure to apply (and re-apply!) plenty of SPF to your hands, feet, and ears, too. And be mindful of expiration dates…last summer’s sunscreen might no longer be as effective.



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