What Your Wellness “Why” Has To Do With Your Health

What Your Wellness

Get enough sleep.

Commit to a regular workout routine.

Be mindful about what you eat.

Be mindful…in general.


The idea of striving for a lifestyle rooted in wellness is nothing new.

But if you’re anything like us, sometimes you might lose sight of why exactly those healthy habits matter.

Why they deserve your attention, and more importantly, your intention.

Your wellness “what” might change (the foods you purchase; the workouts you try; the routines you develop), but your “why” is probably pretty consistent…

More energy to step outside of your comfort zone with confidence.

More clear-headed creativity to go full-steam ahead on that passion project that ignites you.

More perspective and balance, so you can be truly present with your kids. Your friends. Your family. Yourself.

More gratitude for your body and all that it does for you.


Your wellness why might not just be one thing. There are lots of ways to approach wellness, after all…


Emotional wellness

How you relate to your feelings can determine how you deal with and learn from stressful situations.


Physical wellness

Listening to your body and not taking its needs for granted gives you the physical strength to keep living a life you love.


Spiritual wellness

Identifying your values, then making it a point to make sure your life is aligned with them, is key to following your inner compass.


Social wellness

Feeling connected to others helps you find meaning and enjoyment in the everyday.


Achieving and maintaining health means setting yourself up for living a whole, harmonious life.

Think about what that looks like to you.

What that really feels like.

…and why it’s really so important.

For some of us here at Truvani, that “why” is being able to have the energy to spend quality time with our kids after a long day at work. Not just scroll on our phones and nod along…but really engage and play and savor the moment.

For others, that “why” is taking charge of our health after a scary illness or injury that reminded us how fragile life really is.

In the coming weeks, the Truvani team will share some more of our own wellness “whys.”

Why we put our wellbeing first.

What being healthy (in every sense) represents to us.

Why it’s key for all the things in life that matter most.

We want your “whys”!

Drop your answers in the comments below, or privately here.

…because in wellness, as in most things, all roads lead back to “why?”


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  • Kimberly Sebring says:

    I have a real desire to be healthy, then have been successful in the past, but after getting sick it’s just difficult to get back into the swing of things. I suppose my ‘why’ is lack of habit, and sometimes the expense of buying high quality ingredients.

  • Angie Kilpatrick says:

    My why is my relationship with God and my family. I faced- and survived 👏 – cancer in 2011. It really made me wake up to how short and precious our life here on earth really is. Through the healing process I learned about true empowerment. I researched alternative healing and have never felt so good and strong in my life. This is possible for everyone, even if you’re not sick! …and it’s not difficult! Choices become very easy when you embrace your higher purpose.

  • Douglas Moore says:

    Thanks for the great introduction to a quality discussion and or forum about such a fascinating and rewarding topic.
    I have discussions similar to this near daily with people and the discussion usually begins with comments about nutrition in general and when talking with people that are not very conscious of how they fuel their bodies, I will usually get a comment like “so you eat well so that you can live longer?” I usually respond with “I eat well and work out so that I can feel great every day and live with maximum consciousness”. That usually stimulates further positive conversation and it is not infrequent that I refer to your great company and mission during those conversations.

  • Gloria Borges says:

    I have been doing wellness for many years and am reaping the benefits. I am 75 with no health issues no meds by taking good supplements, buying organic when I can get it, grass fed beef, wild salmon, clean chicken. Eat healthy fats, love avacados. Thanks for your help. Posted your book on Dr Mercola’s post today.

  • Lisa Couture says:

    I bought “The Food Babe Way” last year and have been following your advice by reading labels and eating cleaner and healthier. I have 4 points I’ve been working on: Emotional, Spiritual, Personal and Physical. I feel and even look so much better by “purging” bad habits. And the journey continues. (I also read “Feeding You Lies”…..excellent!).

  • Victoria says:

    Just like Gloria, I’ve been in the wellness community for along time
    I just turned 60 and I decided a long time ago to change everything about ME. Including trying different things. I’ve been a vegan for many years…This I will not change! I do not take meds only natural vegan supplement.

  • Virginia Smedberg says:

    My raison d’etre is music. I play (mostly opera, violin in the pit) and I teach (mostly private students but some youth orchestra coaching). So I have to keep my body in shape to play, and my mind clear to read and understand the music, and to teach well. I’m 74, healthy, no meds ever, been eating organic for years, mostly vegetarian. Don’t exercise as much as I should (tho a 3-hour opera is a workout for my upper body!) My main doctor is a certified clinical nutritionist and certified functional medicine specialist – their clinic is called Root Cause because that’s what they look for. They research the supplements they recommend. They research the research that shows up in headlines and blog what they learn. I see a chiropractor regularly (playing violin is an unnatural act for the body). And I study Scientology to understand who I am as a spiritual being, and how my mind, and others’ minds, work, so I can work well with others. I love the research that Food Babe passes on to us.

  • Sharon says:

    Love all your inspiring suggestions. Thank you for all you do. God bless you

  • Holly says:

    I think we are spiritual, mental and physical beings. If any one of those is not healthy, it will affect the other two, so keeping myself physically healthy, is extremely important not only for my body, but for my spiritual and mental health as well. I am 55, and similar to other comments, I read labels, so do not buy much processed foods. I eat almost 100% organic, buying vegetables, meats, dairy from local organic farmers as much as possible, and I cook meals almost daily. I exercise daily and do yoga about 3 times a week, I also read a daily meditations and attend daily Church services to keep my priorities focused. My latest excitement, however, is I wanted my husband to lose weight and get healthy, so I joined him on your cleanse last September. He has now lost 40 lbs and is so much healthier!!! Yay!! And to my shock, I lost 15 lbs (I am 5’8″, and now weight 132 lbs). Thanks for getting the word out and helping others get healthy!

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